Bard Math Camp Day 4

Day 4 of C.A.M.P. began with a flurry of activity as more campers joined the effort to complete the Mosaic and taught each other new games such as Backgammon and chess.

In Computer Science, we continued on our journey to learning and mastering NetLogo. We also continued to deepen our knowledge of computers and their systems while utilizing concepts from Math to supplement our computer science lessons.

After, in Art, we finally got to work with clay. We used it to creating amazing fractal designs and also showed how precise we could be in our measuring.

Lastly, in Math, we did advanced math using fractals and learned how to calculate the dimensions of any shape. We also learned how there are more than just 1D, 2D, and 3D figures, and sometimes the dimension can be between numbers and less than one. Math challenged us to think outside of the normal constructions of what we hear in everyday life but it also pushed us to connect what we see with what we are learning.

Our electives today included capture the flag, drawing, and the Rubik’s cubes. With our Mosaic almost finished, it’s a race against time.