Bard Math Camp Day 3

Day 3 of camp began with  race to complete the Rubik’s cube mosaic! This has been a lengthy task that will require manipulating 400 Rubik’s cubes.

In Computer science, we began forming fractal images through NetLogo and utilizing the concept bifurcation from Mathematics. We managed to return the output of the function we used through code thereby demonstrating the significance of computers to calculate our functions. All of this at the press of a button!

Art gave us a creative outlet as we finished creating our very own decks of cards and moved on to creating 3D figures with fractal designs.

Finally,  in our last class, Math, we learned another way to create the Sierpinski Gasket using a large sheet of paper with an equilateral triangle on it. We marked the midpoints of this triangle, and then connected all three points to create 4 triangles inside the large triangle. We then repeated  this process, finding the midpoints in each of the enclosed triangles and connecting them to create smaller triangles within a larger triangle.

For our electives, we had the option to work to complete the mosaic, to play an intense game of Mafia, or to go on a relaxing Nature Hike through the Meditation Garden. Needless to say, today was a very busy day for all our campers.