Bard Math Circle

The Bard Math Circle provides a supportive environment for children who are self-proclaimed math nerds to explore their passion for the subject. We hope to teach children something new every time we provide a service, and to introduce them to a pre-college community to whom they can relate. Math is perceived as a hard subject and thus hard to love by the general public. However, we hope to step into these children’s lives and show them math has a lot more beauty to it than what their schools may have time to express. By appreciating this beauty we become part of the math circle.

During the COVID pandemic we went remote. We are now in the process of reconnecting in person, while retaining the best of our remote programming. On weekends, we offer an assortment of enrichment and contest prep workshops. In the summer, we provide a weeklong day program, called CAMP. We host mathematics competitions including: AMC 8/10/12 and Purple Comet. We have also expanded our tutoring network with more tutors in order to accommodate the growing need of math help at home. To ensure that each potential student has an equal opportunity to take advantage of this service, we provide a free or reduced price on tutoring for those in need. In addition, we have begun to use our social media to increasingly emphasize the roles of mathematicians who are part of marginalized groups. Visit our website at for more information.

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Our 2023–2024 contest season:

AMC 10/12B: Tuesday, November 14, 2023. Register for the AMC 10/12B
AMC 8: Thurs, Jan 18 in New Paltz and Wed, Jan 24 at Bard. Register for the AMC 8
June 2024: ARML with the Upstate New York Math Team

We feature the American Math Competitions contests (AMC 8, AMC 10, and AMC 12), and some years the Purple Comet contest, and Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics (GAIM). The focus of our Contest Program is to encourage a culture of creative mathematical problem-solving at the middle school level. This popular program attracts students come from all over the Mid-Hudson Valley.

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2024 Bard Math CAMP

Update (May 28):
There are still a few spots available at CAMP. We expect the program to fill up, so please apply now if you are interested.
The 2024 Bard Math CAMP (Creative and Analytical Math Program) will run from Monday to Friday, July 29 to August 2, on the idyllic and secluded Bard College campus in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

Bard Math Circle CAMP

The Bard Math CAMP is entering its 11th cycle in the summer of 2024. The Creative and Analytical Math Program (CAMP) is a non-residential academic math program for students moving up to grades 6–9 in the fall who have a strong grasp of school mathematics and want to explore, in a relaxed setting, topics not included in the school curriculum.

CAMP is an inspiring mathematical enrichment opportunity. Engaging classes and activities are led by experienced educators and undergraduate math majors. We emphasize hands-on math, teamwork, outside-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving. Students who are comfortable experimenting and happy to solve puzzles enjoy the connection of  math to art, and computer science.

CAMP has been recognized three times by the American Mathematical Society with Epsilon Awards. CAMP was also supported by the Mathematical Association of America with Dolciani Math Enrichment Grants for the first three summers.

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Community Programs

Join us for our 2023–2024 Family Math Afternoons for middle school students and their families!

Solve Math Problems ★ Explore Logic Puzzles ★ Play Thinking Games!

Enjoy a selection of engaging and hands-on math activities. The mathematical fun will be infinite! No prior registration needed, meet upstairs in the Community Room.



Days: Saturday afternoons
Times: 2–4pm
Dates: Sep 30, (no meeting in Oct), Nov 4, Dec 16 in 2023, and Feb 3, Mar 2, Apr 6, May 4 in 2024
Location: Kingston Library*, 55 Franklin Street, Kingston, NY 12401
Audience: Middle school students and their families
* The Kingston Library will move to the Cioni building in Uptown Kingston sometime this fall, as renovation gets underway.

The Bard Math Circle is directed by Professor Japheth Wood, the Director of Quantitative Literacy and Continuing Associate Professor of Mathematics at Bard College.

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