Bard Math Circle

The Bard Math Circle promotes enjoyment of mathematics for elementary, middle, and high school students in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

We run math enrichment programs in the community, a Girls Math Club, host math contests, teach youngsters how to solve the Rubik’s Cube, and feature a late-summer math CAMP.

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CONTEST UPDATE (August 28, 2020) Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our contest schedule is uncertain. Please subscribe to our newsletter (above) to receive our 2020–20201 contest schedule when it is ready.


We feature the American Math Competitions contests (AMC 8, AMC 10, and AMC 12), the Purple Comet contest, and Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics (GAIM).

Our focus is on encouraging a culture of creative mathematical problem-solving. This popular program attracts students come from all over the Mid-Hudson Valley.

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Bard Math Circle CAMP

Entering its 8th summer in 2021, the Creative and Analytical Math Program (CAMP) is a non-residential academic math program for students moving up to grades 6–9 in the fall, who want to explore challenging math in a relaxed setting.

CAMP is an inspiring mathematical enrichment opportunity. Engaging classes and activities are led by experienced educators and undergraduate math majors. We emphasize hands-on math, teamwork, outside-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving.

CAMP has been recognized by the American Mathematical Society with an Epsilon Award. CAMP was also supported by the Mathematical Association of America with Dolciani Math Enrichment Grants for the first 3 summers.

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Community Programs

ONLINE MATH TUTOR NETWORK (and Computer Science, Physics, etc.)
We offer high quality online math tutoring. Please visit our new ONLINE MATH TUTOR NETWORK for more information!


Due to the pandemic, we are not currently able to welcome visitors to our idyllic and secluded campus. But we look forward to when you’ll be able to come hang out with Bard undergraduates and other math enthusiasts to play games, solve puzzles, and work on some enriching problem solving based on an exciting mathematical theme!

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Bard Girls Math Club

The Girls’ Math Club is a mathematical enrichment opportunity at Bard College for Middle School girls who want to explore math using out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem solving through hands-on projects, puzzles and games, and open-ended math problems. Our goal is to foster a community of girls who love math and give them an opportunity to interact with female math students and math educators in a mentoring setting. This club is ideal for girls who are enthusiastic about engaging in math-related activities outside of school and meeting like-minded peers.

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