Bard Math Camp Day 5

Our last day of Camp began in a flurry of activity as Campers received their T-shirts and made the final touches on the Rubik’s Cube Mosaic.

In Math class, we learned magic tricks designed to help us understand math better using addition. We finished off our lessons and challenges from the week and prepared to present our knowledge to our parents,

After, in Art, we finished the last of our clay projects and collected all the art we had created throughout the week, including our origami creations and our playing cards. We discussed and observed how these creations connected with what we had been learning about fractals.

In Computer Science, we spent the last day finishing our project of creating a Sierpinski Gasket Triangle on the Computer and also collected all of our previous codes including our bifurcation maps to show our parents during open house.

We ended camp with an Open House for parents, where the children all presented their art pieces and projects. Camp ended with lots of amazing reviews and lots of nostalgia, ready for the school year to begin.