2018 CAMP Staff

Senior Staff

Frances Stern

Frances teaches math to teachers and students in New York City, working with struggling students and those eager for more and deeper math.  She has a master’s degree in mathematics and has written two books for parents and teachers, both titled Adding Math, Subtracting Tension, for grades pre-K to 2 and grades 3 to 5.  Drawing, painting, hiking, learning to juggle and folk dancing are favorite non-math activities.


Matt Hughes

Matt works as a software developer at edX. He graduated from Bard College in 2013 as a Math Major, and went on to continue his studies at Georgia Institute of Technology for a degree in Computer Science. He’s taught various subjects including sight-singing, algebra, and a brief stint on basic technological literacy. He’s excited to expand his teaching experience in computer science at CAMP.


Yulia Genkina

Yulia Genkina is a Curriculum Engineer at MongoDB, with several years of experience teaching Computer Science and Math at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. She volunteered with Math-M-Addicts for a year and has worked for a NYC non-profit called CSTUY (Computer Science and Technology for Urban Youth). Aside from teaching and programming she enjoys singing and playing music, volunteering for the circus, hiking and kickboxing.

Sally Chakwin

I am an early educator currently teaching at Livingston Early Childhood Community in Kingston. I became connected to the world of education in 2013 when I began working as a student assistant at the Abigail Lundquist-Botstein Nursery School on campus. After graduating from Bard with an Art History degree, I began teaching full time at the Nursery School and Children’s Center on campus until summer 2018. I hope to bring attention to the interdisciplinary aspect of all learning, and its importance in the span of human development.

Junior Staff

Maya Schwartz, Program Coordinator

I am a senior Mathematics Major at Bard College.  This is my second summer as Program Coordinator of Bard Math CAMP, and this will be my second year being a coordinator for the Girls Math Club at Bard.  This will also be my second year working as a math tutor for Calculus.  Aside from doing and teaching math, I enjoy figure skating, horseback riding, playing violin, and traveling.

Leah Leiner

My name is Leah and I am a senior Mathematics Major at Bard College. I have been working with students age 2-17 for the past 7 years, and have been tutoring math since high school. I appreciate getting the opportunity to teach a subject I love to middle school students.


Meagan Kenney

Meagan is a senior and math major at Bard College. Meagan enjoys tutoring her peers in math as well as tutoring elementary and middle school students through the Bard Math Circle. One day she hopes to study number theory and be a professor! She loves to help people see the beauty in math that can be found by simply looking a little bit closer at any problem or formula. Aside from math, Meagan loves to make music, play frisbee, read, and go on adventures.

Elliott Goldstein

I came to Bard for the opportunity to pursue a Computer Science degree in a very personalized, one-on-one setting. I will be a Sophomore and have really enjoyed my time working with professors from the Bard Math and Computer Science Department. I also play on the baseball team here. I look forward to supervising the students as they learn various Math, Computer Science and Art principles. Working with the kids allows me to instruct them and learn things from them as well.


Shuang Cai

I am Shuang Cai. I am currently a sophomore at Bard. My major is potentially going to be Computer Science and Studio Art. I was a coding tutor for the Bard First Year Language and Thinking Program. This is my first year being part of CAMP. It’s my honor to explore the connection between art and math with the kids this summer.

High School Volunteers

Alex Warren

My name is Alex and this is my third year as a CAMP high school volunteer. I live in New York City and am going into my senior year at the Bronx High School of Science. I like all things math and I am really excited for this years CAMP. As a former camper in the program, I think that this year will really be a great one. Some of my hobbies are Computer Science and robotics. I enjoy learning about math which is why I think that this next week will be a great one.


Sasha Fraser

Hi, my name is Sasha Fraser. I attended C.A.M.P. for three years, and I am returning this year as a high school volunteer. I’m homeschooled, and I am going into eleventh grade.  Some of the other things I enjoy are: reading, photography, and dancing ballet. I loved C.A.M.P. and am so excited to be returning as a high school volunteer!


Keshav Ramji

Hi, I’m Keshav Ramji. I am very excited to be part of the CAMP staff! I am a rising junior at Arlington High School in Lagrangeville, New York. I have been involved with the Bard Math Circle since taking the AMC exams in 6th grade. I enjoy problem solving and teaching math as well. Some of my hobbies are playing tennis, badminton and traveling. I also like sports analytics, bracket challenges and logic puzzles.

CAMP Director

Program Director: Japheth Wood, PhD

Japheth is a math professor at Bard College who co-directs the Bard Math Circle, which he co-founded (with Lauren Rose) in 2007. Japheth is very excited that CAMP has grown by 50% from last summer. During the academic year, he teaches undergraduate math courses both in the undergraduate college at Annandale-on-Hudson, and with the Bard Prison Initiative at Eastern Correctional Facility. During the summer, Japheth teaches at the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics program. He has also worked extensively with pre-service math teachers through Bard’s Master of Arts in Teaching program, and was the executive director of the New York Math Circle for several years.

Volunteer Coordinator and Cube Instructor

Professor Lauren Rose

Lauren has been a math professor at Bard College for 20 years, and is co-founder (with Japheth Wood) of the Bard Math Circle.  She runs the Girls Math Club with female Bard Math majors, and is a coordinator of the Mid-Hudson Math Teacher’s Circle.  She is committed to math outreach and enrichment, and believes anyone can learn and enjoy mathematics, regardless of their background or experience.