Bard Math CAMP Day 2


Today was the second day of Bard Math CAMP!

Students came in, picked up their name tags, and signed up for an after-lunch activity.  Students then started playing warm-up activities such as cards, Rubik’s cube, and math puzzles.

We hit off with a classic “desert” question. Thinking about what book/movie/music would they bring to a desert to entertain themselves, the kids get to know their friends better. For the session and inspiration of art, we went through the “Pascal triangle” and found some interesting patterns for triangles. Using the patterns we found from “Pascal triangle”, the kids headed off to explore the amazing art land through water color and sketches.

In art, students continued to work on their magic blocks or binary beads. After, students learned about the mathematical principles of Pascal’s triangle and afterwords made their own. Students then were able to have a free draw time.

In Computer Science, boolean operators were expanded upon, were students learned upon true/false tables and the basis of Boolean logic in Python.

After-lunch electives included Rubik’s cube, Creative Writing and Reading, and Art.

Blog by: Shuang Cai, Elliott Goldstein, and Maya Schwartz