2014 AMC 8

We offered the AMC 8 Exam at Bard College, along with an engaging math talk on Combinatorial Game Theory, presented by Bard math professor Japheth Wood.

Average score at Bard: 11.8 (34 students*)
Average score for grade 8 is: 12.7
Average score for grade 7 is: 11.8
Average score for grade 6 is: 11.1

(* The Bard Math Circle helped coordinate the AMC 8 Exam for the New York Math Circle and the Summer Program for Mathematical Problem Solving. The official MAA results for Bard include NYMC and SPMPS scores as well.)

Top scores at Bard (names withheld, pending student permission):


Eileen Liang, 21 (8th grade, age 13, Wappingers Junior High School)
  • Keshav Ramji, 18 (7th grade, age 11, Union Vale Middle School)
  • Daniel Rose-Levine, 17 (7th grade, age 12, Linden Avenue Middle School)
  • Dhruv Kaderu, 16 (6th grade, age 11, Van Wyck Junior High School)
Anonymous, 16
Anonymous, 16
  • Mason Eyler, 15 (4th grade, age 9, Lenape Elementary School)
  • Bryce Holland, 14 (6th grade, age 11, Lagrange Middle School)
  • Hunter Nelson, 14 (7th grade, age 12, Linden Avenue Middle School)
  • Austin Murphy, 14 (8th grade, age 14, Bailey Middle School)
  • Brian Wu, 14 (8th grade, age 13, Union Vale Middle School)

Mid-Hudson Valley Schools represented:

  1. J. Watson Bailey Middle School, Kingston
  2. Bulkeley Middle School, Rhinebeck
  3. Germantown Central School, Germantown
  4. Haviland Middle School, Hyde Park, NY
  5. HENAA Homeschool Group, Albany
  6. Highland Middle School, Highland
  7. Homeschool
  8. Lagrange Middle School, Lagrange
  9. Lenape Elementary School, New Paltz
  10. Linden Avenue Middle School, Red Hook
  11. Marlboro Middle School, Marlboro
  12. Meadow Hill School, Newburgh
  13. Mill Road Intermediate School, Red Hook
  14. MC Miller Middle School, Kingston
  15. Mizzentop Day School, Pawling
  16. Robert E. Bell Middle School, Chappaqua
  17. Saugerties Junior High School, Saugerties
  18. St. Joseph School, Kingston
  19. Union Vale Middle School, Lagrangeville
  20. Van Wyck Junior High School, Wappingers Falls
  21. Wappingers Junior High School, Wappingers Falls