2013 AMC 8

The AMC 8 Exam was administered at Bard College on November 19th, 2013.

Official Program:

4:00pm: The AMC 8 Contest for students.

4:15pm Panel Discussion for parents on Supporting your child as a high achiever in math and science
Facilitator: Halle Kananack
Panel Members: Ben Houston, Jing Ju, Deb Mosher, Japheth Wood
Please read our blogpost for more information

Interlude: Pizza and refreshments in Lobby of RKC

5:00pm Math Keynote Talk: Paths in Graphs by Bard math professor Sam Hsiao
Paths in Graphs and Handout

Full Results: http://amc-reg.maa.org/Reports/GeneralReports.aspx

Bard 2013 Results:

Total number of students in school taking the exam: 106 (83 at Bard, 23 were SPMPS alumni in NYC)
School Team Score (sum of top 3 scores): 63 = 24 + 21 + 18
Average score for entire school is: 10.4
Average score for grade 8 is: 11.6 (46 Students)
Average score for grade 7 is: 9.7 (31 Students)
Average score for grade 6 is: 9.1 (15 Students)
Average score for grade 5 is: 8.5 (8 Students)
Average score for grade 4 is: 7.0 (2 Students)

Top scores (names withheld, pending student permission): 

  • Daniel Knop, 24 (8th grade, age 13, Lagrange Middle School, Lagrange)
  • Myung Joo Lee, 21 (8th grade, age 13, Union Vale Middle School, Lagrangeville)     
  • Ruju Dani, 18 (8th grade, age 13, Arlington Middle School, Arlington)      
  • Katherine Houston, 18 (8th grade, age 13, MC Miller Middle School, Kingston)     
  • Sarah Lu, 17 (8th grade, age 13, Arlington Middle School, Arlington)     
  • Neepa Gupta, 17 (8th grade, age 13, Van Wyck Junior High School, Wappingers Falls)    
  • Anonymous, 16     
  • Brian Wu, 16 (7th grade, age 12, Union Vale Middle School, Lagrangeville)  
  • Sam Liew, 16 (8th grade, age 12, Van Wyck Junior High School, Wappingers Falls)    
  • Anonymous, 15    
  • Anonymous, 15     
  • Maximillian Volostnov, 15 (8th grade, age 13, PS/IS 104 The Fort Hamilton School and SPMPS)     
  • Wyatt Gibbons, 15 (8th grade, age 12, Germantown Central School, Germantown)

Mid-Hudson Valley Schools represented:

  1. Arlington Middle School, Arlington
  2. Ascension Holy Trinity, Highland
  3. Brinckerhoff Elementary School, Fishkill
  4. Bulkeley Middle School, Rhinebeck
  5. Edgemont Junior Senior High School, Scarsdale
  6. Fishkill Elementary School, Fishkill
  7. Gayhead Elementary School, Hopewell Jct
  8. Germantown Central School, Germantown
  9. Grant D. Morse Elementary School, Saugerties
  10. Hagan Elementary School, Poughkeepsie
  11. Harry L Edson Elementary School, Kingston
  12. Haviland Middle School, Hyde Park, NY
  13. Highland Middle School, Highland
  14. J. Watson Bailey Middle School, Kingston
  15. Lagrange Middle School, Lagrange
  16. Lenape Elementary School, New Paltz
  17. Linden Avenue Middle School, Red Hook
  18. MC Miller Middle School, Kingston
  19. Mizzentop Day School, Pawling
  20. Netherwood Elementary School, Hyde Park
  21. Orville A Todd Middle School, Poughkeepsie
  22. Pawling Central Middle School, Pawling
  23. Robert E. Bell Middle School, Chappaqua
  24. Saugerties Junior High School, Saugerties
  25. St Martin de Porres School, Poughkeepsie
  26. St. Joseph School, Kingston
  27. St. Mary School, Fishkill
  28. Union Vale Middle School, Lagrangeville
  29. Vail Farm Elementary School, Lagrangeville
  30. Van Wyck Junior High School, Wappingers Falls

Students from the Summer Program for Mathematical Problem Solving also participated at a NYC-based site.