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As the pandemic continues, many students find that their education has been disrupted. Some struggle with classroom math, and others desire to enrich their studies. Here at Bard College, our undergraduates have transitioned well into online learning and back. They are ready and eager to work with younger students and guide them in math.

We have organized online math tutoring to connect our amazing undergraduate math tutors with K–12 students. We aim to provide top quality math (and CS, Physics and more) tutoring at the affordable rate of $25 per one hour online session. Please request financial aid, if needed. We are grateful for your support of this venture.

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Our Tutors:

Natalia Dziubelski

My Name is Natalia Dziubelski (she/her/hers), I’m a dual degree student at Bard majoring in Physics and in the conservatory! I am the coordinator of the Bard Math Circle, so I handle matching students with tutors, and other organizational tasks. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at! 🙂

N'Kira Hailey
Math Tutor

Hello! My name is N'Kira Hailey (she/her/hers) and I am a first-year student at Bard College. I am from Atlanta, Georgia, but my acceptance of the Posse Foundation Scholarship has led me to Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. I am planning to be a Psychology and Film Production Major but have great experiences and interests in mathematics. I have background work in tutoring children of all ages, from those who just started school to those who are about to graduate high school. The last math class that I took was BC Calculus, but I prefer to teach and learn Algebra and Geometry. I do plan to learn computer science in college to maintain my knowledge of math and also to learn something new. My favorite hobbies are eating, writing, watching cartoons, and learning new things or people.

Tina Giorgadze
Math Tutor

My name is Tina (she/her/hers) and I’m from Tbilisi, Georgia. I’m a sophomore at Bard and my majors are mathematics and computer science. I have been tutoring in math since I was a sophomore in high school, and really enjoy brainstorming different ways of communicating solutions to my students. My hobbies include going on hikes, creative writing, going to escape rooms, and traveling to new places. I look forward to tutoring with the Bard Math Circle!

Rose Xu
Math Tutor

I’m Rose Xu (she/her/hers), a current sophomore student at Bard College, also a prospective math/physics major. I am fascinated by the delicate thoughts that scientists use to improve the efficiency of our lives, and I’m happy to share these fun ideas with kids and teenagers! I’m an international student from Beijing, China. My hobbies are dance, theater, photography, climbing, archery, and watching science fiction movies.

Gabriel Scribner
Math Tutor

Hi! I'm Gabe (he/him) and I'm a junior majoring in economics with a particular interest in math. I'm back at Bard after taking a couple of years off to work, so I'm used to being relied upon to fulfill my responsibilities thoroughly and with integrity. I was fortunate enough to have some fantastic math teachers growing up from whom I learned the importance of presenting material in different ways and guiding students through challenges. I want to make math accessible and (hopefully!) fun for everyone.

Annie Moulene
Math Tutor

Hi! My name is Annie Moulene (she/her/hers). I am a sophomore studying Chemistry. In high school, I loved doing math especially statistics. I was always one of the students that other students would come to for help since I could help breakdown the question and show them the steps needed to solve it. I love trying to connect problems in a way that it become applicable to the real world since that helped me understand and appreciate math more. Some of my hobbies include writing, baking and reading. I look forward to helping you solve those challenging problems and helping inspire a new love for math.

Emely Galeano
Math Tutor
Hi my name is Emely Galeano (she/her/hers) and I am currently a freshman at Bard College majoring in Computer Science. I have taken several math courses throughout my educational career thus far with the latest being Calc II and Discrete Math. As a Computer Science major I also have experience with Visual Basic, Java, and Processing.
Tony Nguyen
Math Tutor

Hi, I am Tony Nguyen (he/him/his), a freshman at Bard College. I am trying to be major in Math and Computer Science for my undergraduate. I have some experience with teaching students in high schools and middle schools such as Algebra or Precalculus since I was in middle school. My hobbies are learning new things and solving coding problems. I would like to have a new experience with teaching Math online on the whiteboard too with the Math Circle.

El Capone
Math Tutor

Hello! My name is El Capone and I am a sophomore at Bard College, majoring in Environmental and Urban Studies, and Human Rights. In high school I took all the math classes I could, right through AP Calc, and worked plenty with younger kids through camp counseling, and personalized childcare. Math was never something that came naturally to me, it's something I had to work hard at and develop strategies so that I could succeed and take the classes I knew I could challenge myself with. Now that I have completed high school, I'd love to share the tips and tricks I learned along the way and develop together with anyone who wants to learn!

Nafis Farhan
Math Tutor

Hi, My name is Nafis. I use him, his pronouns. I am a freshman at Bard College. I am studying Maths and Physics at Bard. I have lots of experience in teaching especially with children. I believe in a hands-on learning experience for any kind of science. My objective is to make math fun and approachable for all students. My hobbies are doing physics projects, coding, robotics, photography and traveling.

Josef Lazar

Hello, my name is Josef and I'm a sophomore studying math and computer science. I currently tutor calculus I and II at Bard, but my experiences also include working at children's museums and teaching first graders as a teachers assistant at my synagogue's Sunday school. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

Javed Zahidi

Hi! My name is Javed Zahidi and I am a sophomore at Bard College. I am an international student from Afghanistan and my acceptance of the Afghan refugee scholarship has led me to Annandale-on-Hudson, New York. I am planning to be a computer science and Math Major. I have background work in tutoring children of all ages, from those who just started school to those who are about to graduate high school. I have also remained a math tutor in my previous institution, the American University of Afghanistan. Some of the math classes I would list are pre-algebra, calculus, geometry, trignometry. My favorite hobbies are writing, playing soccer, painting, solving math problems and working on data sets. I want to make math more fun and applicable to students.