CAMP Reunion 2024

Today was a very special day in Bard Math CAMP history – the very first CAMP reunion! CAMP alumni/ae, staff members, parents, and friends gathered in the lobby of the Reem-Kayden Center once again for a selection of math games and puzzles – old favorites like Ghost Blitz and the Towers of Hanoi, along with some fun new challenges like Tantrix (How can you use all the hexagonal tiles to make a blue loop? A red loop? What about a yellow loop?).

A table full of math puzzles was the perfect place for former CAMPers to reunite with old friends and to hear about what everyone’s been up – from aerospace research and a hackathon for data science to full-time jobs in tech.

Next, everyone trekked over to the dilapidated dodecahedron – a mysterious, nearly invisible sculpture in front of the math building – to try and make it pop out while discussing what its mathematical structure might be – a stellated dodecahedron? The dual of a truncated icosahedron?

Finally, the former CAMPers & co. retired from the heat into the musty shade of Preston Theater for a math movie night of sorts – we all piled into the velvet folding seats to watch Secrets of the Surface: The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani on the big screen.

The day was full of sunshine, laughs, and healthy dose of CAMP nostalgia. Just like math puzzles and do-decorating, the reunion is sure to become a new CAMP tradition – where past, present, and future CAMPers can come together and celebrate their shared love of all things mathematical.