CAMP 2021 Day 5 – Time to Say Goodbye

We cannot believe it is CAMP Day 5 already! Welcome, all staff, parents, and CAMPers to Day 5. Today, before we head off to a new journey, we would like to introduce our CAMP 2021 Photo Gallery on the main page:

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If you clicked into every small circle (Yes! Math Circles!), you will realize there are a larger photo AND small descriptions of each photo. These photos start from Day 1 to Day 5 and are kindly given to us by CAMPers, parents, and staff. 

We begin Day 5 with Karen‘s Computer Science class. Today, CAMPers are to build their own 3D model based off on the codes they write on Tinkercad.

CAMPers first went back to their codes to set off the background to be transparent to transform into a 3D model. Then, Karen introduces Tinkercad to CAMPers and they try it out themselves!

Although it is a new programming website, CAMPers are never afraid of trying out new ideas.

CAMPers start off from the original programming and changing the background into transparent like.
CAMPers are to make their borders clear for the model. The model can later be used for laser cut or 3D printing.


In Japheth‘s Math Class, CAMPers went through the history of tiles and tessellations. It begins with several mathematicians’ discoveries of the different tile sequences. Through different polygons, mathematicians discover several possible sequences. There are several types ranging with different combinations of polygons that built up to this research.

Over decades, mathematicians are finally able to come with a closer explanation of tessellations. While many remain found, there are still undiscovered patterns.

One famous mathematician, Martin Gardner, dives into the research of interesting graphics. This later becomes the turning point of tessellation discovery.

In Frances‘s Math Class, Sine and cosine students figured out that the sum of the degrees in the angles of a polygon can be found by multiplying 2 less than the number of angles by 180, (n – 2) x 180.

Although some had been told the formula, they were able to see why this formula works. All students worked to find more semi-regular tessellations, figuring out many of them and also making tessellations that they realized are not semi-regular, but quite pretty. Hope CAMPers can go back and share what these all are!

In Anish‘s Computer Science class, CAMPers design their own tessellation codes based out of Python Turtle (a continued work from yesterday!).  Today, CAMPers’ creativity is highly involved in this self-exploring, 10 minutes project. Anish gives all CAMPers 10 minutes to design a code that forms a tessellation. CAMPers are to create their own project using the knowledge they had before.

In Grace‘s Art Class, CAMPers create their own pull-up net. CAMPers slowly construct the foundation of the net, then forms a foundation of six cube sides. Then, they begin to color each side by drawing tessellations on each cube.

CAMPers create their own tessellation design on the cubes


CAMP Day 5 had been a short yet informative day. CAMPers enjoy their time with their beloved staff. While still having lots of time to use their creativity on every project.

Well done, 2021 CAMPers! Looking forward to meet you all next year!


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