CAMP 2021 Day 1 – Journey Begins

Today is Day 1 of CAMP! CAMPers join us all around the region this morning. After last year’s virtual CAMP, we decided to host this year’s CAMP online too. Our theme this year is Tessellation.  Tessellation is when a surface is covered by shapes that have no overlaps or gaps.

CAMPers are divided into 6 groups: SIN, SEC, TAN, COS, CSC, and COT, the six functions of angle commonly used in trigonometry. The groups are divided by their grades and the math packets they did during application. The first session (SIN, SEC, TAN) begins from 9:00 am – 1:45 pm, while the second session (COS, CSC, COT) begins from 11:00 am – 3:45 pm. Classes include Computer Science, Math, Art, and Activities.

Beginning from Computer Science Class in the morning, CAMP CS Instructor Karen Blumberg introduces an online tool name GeoGebra. GeoGebra is an interactive geometry, algebra, and statistic application that allows CAMPers to design their own tessellation models.

Karen later introduces the rule that with any segment AB and a randomly located point C, there will always be a connection between segment AB and point C. CAMPers test the proposed rule itself on GeoGebra. 

Segment AB and point C on GeoGebra.

Later on, CAMPers work on forming parallel lines with segment AB that passes through point C on their own screen. The goal for this model is to eventually form a parallelogram. 

CAMPers forming parallel lines with segment AB, connecting point A and point C together to form segment AC.
Final Goal: To create a parallelogram using GeoGebra and the listed rules.

In the afternoon Computer Science Class, CS Instructor Anish Anne leads CAMPers to use GeoGebra to form a tessellation based on parallelograms.

Anish guiding CAMPers to form tessellations


CAMPer’s work in Anish’s class


In Art Class, Art Instructor Shuang Cai introduces how to use origami papers to make an isosceles triangle. CAMPers are given a mission to fold an equilateral triangle using square paper.

Shuang also introduces the final product of CAMP’s Art course – students will create their own Tessellation Zines to share. A zine is a small self-publish work that is full of images or text. In today’s class, CAMPers start making the skeleton of their zine. They learn how to fold an 8-page zine and are shown with an introductory video by Shuang. 

CAMPers learn how to fold their own 8-page zine


Click to watch: Shuang Video

In Math Class, Math Instructor Frances Stern introduces the definition of tessellation to CAMPers. CAMPers are introduced to several examples of tessellation and begin to complete a tessellation of a scalene triangle.

In Activities, HS Volunteer Shoshi Cohen leads a set game with fellow CAMPers. CAMPers are to observe the given patterns and select the three that share similar rules. The rules could be sharing a similar shape or color.

CAMPer enjoying the set game
CAMPers found the sets before through observing the rules


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