2020 AMC 8

Brief report of the 2020 AMC 8 at Bard College

The AMC 8 ran during the online testing window, November 10–16, 2020. The Saturday after, November 21, students were debriefed on the contest problems by Bard College undergraduate math majors Eli Barrios, Felicia Flores, Tony Nguyen, and math professor Japheth Wood.

School Results

Total number of participating students: 37
School Team Score (sum of top 3 scores): 51.0
Average score for entire school is: 11.2
Average score for grade 8 is: 11.5
Average score for grade 7 is: 11.4
Average score for grade 6 is: 8.8
Average score for grade 5 is: 15.0
Average score for grade 4 is: 11.0

Top scores at Bard:

Anonymous, 18 points, (5th grader, age 9)
Praneel Gandhi, 17 points, (7th grader, age 11, Union Vale Middle School)
Brian Sun, 16 points, (6th grader, age 11, Van Antwerp Middle School)
Max Victor, 15 points, (8th grader, age 13, Orville A. Todd Middle School)
Yashaswini Bonthu, 15 points, (8th grader, age 13, LaGrange Middle School)
Nash Pillai, 15 points, (8th grader, age 13, Van Wyck Junior High School)
Anonymous, 15 points, (8th grader, age 13)
Arvind Krishnan, 15 points, (7th grader, age 12, Princeton Unified Middle School)
Donald Cheng, 15 points, (7th grader, age 12, Wappingers Junior High school)
Shiven Dabhi, 14 points, (8th grader, age 13, Wappingers Junior High School)

Schools represented:

Avalon Charter School (1)
Avenues (1)
Bulkeley Middle School (1)
Christian Brothers Academy (1)
Forest Hills Classical Academy (1)
Fox Lane Middle School (1)
Gayhead Elementary School (1)
Greenville Elementary School (1)
Homeschool (4)
Hunter Elementary (1)
J W Bailey (2)
LaGrange Middle School (3)
Linden Avenue Middle School (1)
Manitou School (1)
Myers Corners Elementary School (1)
New Paltz Middle School (1)
Orville A. Todd Middle School (1)
Princeton Unified Middle School (1)
Saddle River Day School (1)
Union Vale Middle School (1)
Van Antwerp Middle School (1)
Van Wyck Junior High School (6)
Wappingers Junior High School (4)