CAMP 2020 Staff Page

Welcome to CAMP 2020! Here is our list of wonderful staff.

Japheth Wood
CAMP Director and Math Instructor

I’m Japheth Wood (he/him), the CAMP director, and a math professor at Bard College. I’m excited that we’ve reached our seventh summer of CAMP, and am very proud that we’ve been recognized by the American Mathematical Society with an Epsilon Award. This is a very unusual summer! I’ve been spending a lot more time at home with my family. We’ve been playing more board games, reading more, and spending more time gardening (we’ve had a bountiful blackberry and tomato crop). While it is heartening to see the resiliency of our students and staff to meet online, I can’t wait to return safely to the classroom and interact in person.

Felicia Flores
CAMP Coordinator

My name is Felicia Flores and I use the pronouns she/her/hers. I am your 2020 Bard Math Circle Summer CAMP Coordinator! Returners may recognize me from last year as this is my second year in this position. As a rising junior at Bard College, I am a double major in Mathematics and Studio Arts. I decided to be a part of this program because of my passion for helping motivated children dive into their interests in order to give them the best chance to attain a future that they can be proud of. In addition, I absolutely love mathematics and get so excited by a student that can appreciate the subject as well. For fun, I play on Bard’s Women’s Varsity Soccer Team and enjoy spending time with my two cats Delilah and Oleander!

Yiyang Zhou
CAMP Social Media Coordinator

My name is Yiyang Zhou (She/her), and I am the social media coordinator for CAMP. At Bard, I am a rising senior majoring in studio art and art history. I work as a writing consultant, ESL tutor, and Math tutor at the Bard Learning Commons. I decided to be a part of the program because I want to contribute to building an accessible learning environment during this special time. For fun, I play basketball and watch soccer.

Erin Toliver
Senior Staff / Math Instructor

I’m Erin Toliver (she/her/hers), a homeschooling parent of two kids and returning math teacher at CAMP after four summers away. As a math student at Bard (’00) and Dartmouth Colleges, I fell in love with math, teaching, and working with kids, which I’ve been doing in varying capacities ever since. I enjoy baking bread, running, solving crossword puzzles, and searching for dragons with my daughters in the parks of Toronto.

Frances Stern
Senior Staff / Math Instructor

My name is Frances Stern (she/her/hers)! I’ve been teaching math at CAMP since the first year, sometimes choosing the program’s math theme. It’s fun to show students math that they don’t see in school. During the school year, I teach math part-time at a private school in New York City. My hobbies include learning to paint & juggle, reading, walking & folk dancing. I’ve written 2 books for teachers and parents called “Adding Math, Subtracting Tension” (for 2 different age ranges of children). They pay as much attention to how to keep out of a fight (what many parents told me is a problem) as they do to math.

Matthew Goehrig
Senior Staff / CS Instructor

Matthew Goehrig here! (he/they) I am teaching python and cryptography this year at CAMP.  Normally I teach seventh and eighth grade mathematics, work at the Gifted Math Program at the University at Buffalo teaching college level mathematics to middle school students, and coach competitive mathematics teams in the Buffalo area, so when I first heard about an opportunity to teach python and cryptography at CAMP I was absolutely psyched!  Outside of mathematics, I am an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction novels.  If you have any favorite books, let me know!  I’m always looking for recommendations. I am also completely obsessed with chess!

Karen Blumberg
Senior Staff / CS Instructor

I’m Karen Blumberg, and I’m excited to be a CS teacher at camp this summer! During the year, I’m a Math Teacher and Technology & Innovation Coordinator at The Brearley School in New York City. I work with faculty and students to integrate technology academically, creatively, and responsibly into their classwork, and I help support projects that include programming, web design, robotics, 3D design and printing, digital art, and more. I studied math in college, and I’ve always loved math puzzles. I encourage my students to think of themselves as forensic mathematicians in order to consider all the clues in order to solve a problem efficiently. Over the years, I’ve been introduced to a few different computer languages (Basic, Pascal, C++, Lingo, Logo, Processing, Java Script, Python, etc.) Besides teaching and learning, I love traveling, tasting new foods, and taking photos.

Tiffany Smith
Senior Staff / Art Instructor

Hello! My name is Tiffany Smith (she/her/hers). I am one of the 2020 Bard Math Circle Summer CAMP Art Teachers.   This is my first year joining the camp, and I am very excited to be a part of it! I hold my Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University, and I have taught art to children of all ages around New Jersey and New York state. Most recently I have been involved in early education teaching at Livingston Street Early Childhood Community.   While I admit I am not the most mathematically minded person, I decided to join camp this year because I love the theme and am excited to explore the world of cryptography.   Outside of teaching I love to be outside kayaking, hiking, eating ice cream, and playing mini-golf.

Shuang (Chelsea) Cai
Senior Staff / Art Instructor

My name is Shuang Cai. This is my third year working with Bard Math Circle CAMP, and this year I will be joining as a senior staff on this team. I am currently a rising senior at Bard studying computer science and studio art. I am coding on my own game with Unity. Maybe you can try it out when I’m done?

Olivia Witanowska
Junior Staff / TA / Zoom Hosts

My name is Olivia Witanowska and my pronouns are she/her/hers. This will be my second year as a Junior Staff TA. I am a senior studying computer science and decided to join CAMP to help students develop their love for math in a fun and educational way. As for hobbies, I like to garden and draw when I get the chance. 

Alexander Warren
Junior Staff / TA / Zoom Hosts

My name is Alexander Warren, and I go by Alex. My pronouns are he/him/his. I’ve been involved in CAMP every year except the last, and this year I am a junior staff member. In the fall I’ll be entering my second year at MIT, majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I was a CAMPer back in 2014 and 2015, and I love returning to help out. I’m excited for the cryptography theme, and can’t wait for CAMP this year to start! For fun, I like to skateboard, do Rubik’s cubes, and play electric bass.

Tsitsi Mambo
Junior Staff / TA / Zoom Hosts

My name is Tsitsi and I use the pronouns she/her/hers. I will be working as one of your junior staff TA this summer. I'm currently a junior studying Computer Science at Bard College. I'm a big health and fitness advocate and I have recently developed a love of decoration and gardening. I love solving logic and math puzzles as well. I'm looking forward to being a part of this program and helping young children grow in their love for math and computer science and in their creative abilities. 

Yuxuan (Alexandra) Zhao
Junior Staff / TA / Zoom Hosts

My name is Yuxuan Zhao, you can also call me Alexandra. I use the pronouns she/her/hers. I am your 2020 Bard Math Circle Summer CAMP teaching assistant!

I just graduated from Bard College this summer, and I joint-major in Mathematics and Computer Science. I did my senior thesis about cryptography, which is also the topic of this year’s CAMP, and this is one of the reasons I decided to take part in this program. Besides, I really enjoy helping and motivating students interested in mathematics and computer science to discover deeper or more applicable sides in these two areas. By the way, I am also interested in blockchain technology, and that’s why I am doing cryptography. I love to share more details if you are interested!

Jazmin Zamora Flores
Junior Staff / TA / Zoom Hosts

Hello! I’m Jazmin, a rising senior in Mathematics. My pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a junior staff member at CAMP for the summer of 2020. I like being involved with programs like these because I love to share my passion for STEM and math with students. It’s really rewarding when students also show the same level of interest and excitement! Outside of school, I like to spend time with my bunny and make music playlists for my friends.

Gigi Hsueh
Junior Staff / TA / Zoom Hosts

My name is Gigi Hsueh and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I will be a junior staff this summer. I am going into my last year at Bard pursuing double degrees in Computer Science and Music. I decided to be a part of this program because this year's theme, Cryptography, sounds so fun and interesting. I've always loved math, coding, and working with young fellows because we can inspire one another to do great things. In my spare time, I love playing music, swimming, hiking, and just being outdoors!