Bard Math CAMP Day 3


Today was the third day of CAMP!

Today in Computer Science we got to practice our skills as drivers and navigators of our programs: one student would type the code out while the other kept watch for typos and helped guide the driver in writing the program. We mainly used Python to learn how to compare multiple compound logic operations by testing all possible inputs and comparing outcomes. Additionally we learned more about variables and functions and to utilize them to make our coding more efficient!


In math class we started with a fun trick. We had a huge collection of strips of papers with numbers colored black or red. When a student read out the colors of a random strip to Japheth, slipping in one lie about a color, Japheth was able to tell the exact number for which the color was lied about. Was he using magic? Binary logic? Who knows! Then we started an extensive exploration of the positive integers up to 30 and their divisors. We sorted the numbers by how many divisors they had and then began to analyze each group. Through this analysis we found that we could prove that a number has exactly two divisors if and only if it is prime. And also, we found that a number has exactly three divisors if and only if it is a square of a prime number! There’s so much more to learn from this exploration that we will continue to see in the remaining days of CAMP!

In Art, the students worked on creating fractals. Fractals are figures in which each part of the figure has the same structure as the whole. Fractals contain similar patterns that happen continuously on a progressively smaller scale. To make the fractals, students cut a piece of paper into 4 sections and then re-arranged the patterns after cutting. Students then were able to customize their fractal by coloring it.

After-lunch electives included juggling, creative writing and reading, and Rubik’s cube.