2017 AMC 8

Brief report of the 2017 AMC 8 at Bard College:

We offered the AMC 8 Exam at Bard College on November 14, 2017, followed by an engaging math talk on Some Binary Amusements, presented by Bard math professor Japheth Wood.

Total number of participating students: 31
School Team Score (sum of top 3 scores): 53.0
Average score for entire school is: 10.0
Average score for grade 8 is: 9.9
Average score for grade 7 is: 5.0
Average score for grade 6 is: 12.3
Average score for grade 5 is: 8.0
Average score for grade 4 is: 16.0

Top scores at Bard:
Aryadeepta De, 21 points (8th grader, age 12, Acadia Middle School)
16 (8th grader)
Anish Anne, 16 points (6th grader, age 11, Brinkerhoff Elementary School)
Lerchen Zhong, 16 points (4th grader, age 8, Craig School)
Dorothy Suzuki-Burke, 15 points (8th grader, age 13, Highland Middle School)
15 (8th grader)
Alex Zhu, 15 points (6th grader, age 11, Gayhead Elementary School)

Schools represented:

Acadia Middle School, Clifton Park (1)
Brinkerhoff Elementary School, Wappingers (1)
Christian Brothers Academy, Albany (8)
Craig School, Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046 (1)
Gayhead Elementary School, Hopewell Junction (3)
Haviland Middle School, Hyde Park (1)
High Meadow School, Stone Ridge (1)
Highland Middle School, Highland (1)
Homeschool (2)
J Watson Bailey Middle School, Kingston (6)
Linden Avenue Middle School, Red Hook (2)
Meadow Hill School, Newburgh (1)
Mill Road Elementary, Red Hook (2)
Montessori school of the Berkshires (1)