AMC 10

The 2014 AMC 10/12 A will take place on Tuesday, February 4th
The AMC 10/12 B will take place on Wednesday, February 19th.

Strategy Essay of the Month
This month we’re focusing on Engage in Wishful Thinking. Videos and Bursts for this strategy are available here.


The MAA, in collaboration with Edfinity, is delighted to offer AMC Advantage, a short online course to help students prepare effectively for the AMC 10/12 contests. The course is carefully designed to help students of all levels prepare efficiently and at their own pace. AMC Advantage includes a diagnostic test, ‘skill building’ problem sets, and full-length contest simulations with performance analysis.  All AMC contestants are encouraged to explore AMC Advantage. Open student enrollment, for a modest fee, will commence in January 2014.  Additional details at
Videos and Slidecasts of Distinguished Lectures Available
Members who live too far from MAA headquarters to attend the public lectures MAA sponsors can watch video footage and slidecasts — presenters’ slides synced to audio from their talks and interspersed with still shots–online. Browse lectures.