2014 Staff

Here’s our talented staff of educators from Summer 2014!

Senior Instructors:

Erin Toliver
After earning degrees in mathematics from Bard and Dartmouth Colleges, Erin became a math teacher at Saint Ann’s School in Brooklyn, NY. Now living in Toronto, she funnels her mathematical creativity into knitting, sewing, and crocheting projects.  She enjoys cooking, baking, and playing board games, but mostly finds herself chasing after her daughter who recently turned three-halves.

Yulia Genkina
Yulia earned a Masters of Teaching Mathematics from Bard College and continued on to join the Computer Science team at Stuyvesant High School in New York, NY. Eager to combine her interests in math and computer science, she also joined the Math-M-Addicts Saturday program that helps to enrich students who have an interest in math beyond what is offered as part of school curricula and competitive math teams. Yulia also enjoys simple things in life, such as juggling, camping and dancing.

 Frances Stern 
Frances teaches math to teachers and students in New York City, working with struggling students and those eager for more and deeper math.  She has a master’s degree in mathematics and has written two books for parents and teachers, both titled Adding Math, Subtracting Tension, for grades pre-k to 2 and grades 3-5. Drawing, painting and hiking are her favorite non-math activities.

Junior Instructors: 


Justin Shin
Justin is a Sophomore at Bard studying Mathematics and Computer Science. He has a particular interest in Game Theory and Probability, and loves to play board and card games because of their rich mathematical undertones. In his spare time Justin likes to indulge in modular origami, non-fiction creative writing, and strategy games.
Siira Rieschl
Siira is from a small island outside of Seattle, where every summer she helps run the math and art projects at a camp for elementary aged kids. She’s a psychology major and this autumn she’ll be starting her senior year at Bard College. She’s excited to work at Bard Math Circle Summer Camp with middle schoolers because that was the age when she realized how ridiculously cool math really is. 


Mo King
Mo is a computer science major, and after he graduates he  plans to work in robotics research. He took all the math courses he needed to in his first semester at Bard, now he just takes them for fun! The first time he tried teaching he was traveling in Ghana at the age of 17, and since then he’s never stopped. When he’s not hunched over a terminal or a whiteboard, he enjoys swimming, bicycling, and playing guitar.


Noah Winslow
Noah is a senior mathematics major with a strong interest in teaching math and making it approachable to anyone. This past semester he studied in Budapest, Hungary, taking math and Hungarian language classes. Of math related things, he particularly love card games of all sorts. Aside from academics he is a fencer and he tries to practice yoga often. Lastly he loves going camping and by you time you meet him he’ll have been camping in Canada for almost three weeks this summer.


Project Director:  
Japheth Wood, PhD

Japheth is a math professor at Bard College who has worked extensively with pre-service math teachers through Bard’s Master of Arts in Teaching program. He co-founded the Bard Math Circle, is executive director of the New York Math Circle, and also secretary-treasurer for the SIGMAA on Circles. Japheth envisions math circles as an effective way for mathematicians around the world to make a greater impact on math education at all levels, as well as opportunity to refresh and innovate their own teaching.

Project Coordinator:

Eliana Miller

Eliana is a rising Senior math major and a student co-head of the Bard Math Circle. She is excited about mathematical education enrichment and implementing the Bard Math Circle’s pilot CAMP program. Her academic interests are in logic and philosophy of math.

Project Assistant: Joy Sebesta

Advisory Board:  
Beth Goldberg

Deborah Mosher

Jake Weissman

Lauren Rose

Satyavolu S Papa Rao

Sheila Shaffer

Puja Shankar