C.A.M.P.2017 Day 5


Today is the last day of C.A.M.P. 2017!  Our morning started out with a Rubik’s Cube mosaic, a game of SET, a game of NIM, and some AMC 8 problems.  We then had morning announcements and  split up into different classes at 9:30.


In math class, we started by analyzing The  Baffling Prediction, a trick that Frances performed at the end of class on Thursday. We used algebraic notation to figure out how/why the trick works. Then, we learned a quick method to figure out whether or not any number is divisible by 11. Finally, we ended class with a fun but frustrating trick. The students were paired up and attached by looping one rope through another and putting both ropes around both students’ wrists. The goal was to detach the ropes from one another without cutting the ropes or removing the ropes from their wrists. Frances did not  share the solution with the students so that they can continue working on the solution at home.

Today Matt began the class by setting a goal that all students were supposed to reach by the end of the class. the goal was to write a program implementing one of the  tricks learned int he Math class. Since the task was very complex, Matt encouraged students to divide it into smaller subtasks and solve them successfully. This exercise was supposed to show the students a very common approach to problem solving Computer Science. This assignment also required students to use all the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the past week.  Despite no one succeeding in implementing the  trick, everyone did really well, proving that this past week was indeed a very fruitful one!

Starting at 3 was the open house for parents!  The art projects that the students have been working on all week were on display in RKC 101, the Computer Science displays were in RKC 100, and the math lessons that the students studied throughout the week were in the RKC lobby where students could perform the magic tricks to their parents.

Blog by Maya Schwartz, Marysia Tran, and Kate Blaine.