C.A.M.P. 2017 Day 3


Today was our third day of Bard Math CAMP 2017!  Our day started off with distributing t-shirts at check-in because today was picture day!  We all gathered for a picture at 9:30 right outside the RKC.

In math class, we found a number pattern that allowed us to divide any whole number by 9 without using a calculator. After Frances performed a trick using only numbers at the end of yesterday’s class, everyone had a chance to think about how it works that evening at home. Then today, we used the number pattern and algebraic notation (a new concept!) to explain why the trick works for any multi-digit number. Later, we learned about  the Fibonacci sequence, and Frances performed a trick for the  class where the students made their own Fibonacci sequence and Frances guessed the sum knowing only one number of the sequence.

In Computer Science class students learned two powerful framework methods – setup and draw. These methods allow one to specify which commands should be executed once and which should be run repeatedly. In result students were able to play around with their code and create small animations. This was undeniabley the most exciting part of the class for the majority of the students!

During Art class, we gave the students a first introduction to color theory, describing different complementary colors and how artists use this idea to achieve colors they see in real life. After having them choose two tones with which to experiment, the kids created an assortment of squares that were all colored with their own various experiments. Outside of class, students have been building Rubik’s cube mosaics, but now they also have an assortment of small squares built out of colors they created for themselves. Hmm…

Afternoon activities were Rubik’s cube, juggling, and recess games.  Recess games included games such as freeze tag, dude, zip-zap-zop, 21, and what time is it mama bear.

Blog by Maya Schwartz, Kate Blaine, Marysia Tran, and Andres Mejia