2017 CAMP Staff

Here is our 2017 CAMP staff!

 Senior Staff 


Frances Stern

Frances teaches math to teachers and students in New York City, working with struggling students and those eager for more and deeper math.  She has a master’s degree in mathematics and has written two books for parents and teachers, both titled Adding Math, Subtracting Tension, for grades pre-k to 2 and grades 3-5.  Drawing, painting, hiking, learning to juggle and folk dancing are favorite non-math activities.

Matthew Hughes

Matt works as a software developer at Wayfair. He graduated from Bard College in 2013 as a Math major, and went on to continue his studies at Georgia Institute of Technology for a degree in Computer Science. He’s taught various subjects including sight-singing, algebra, and a brief stint on basic technological literacy. He’s excited to expand his teaching experience in computer science at CAMP.



Susan Tarnowicz

Susie is a visual artist and teacher living and working in the Hudson Valley.  She studied painting and visual perception at the Rhode Island School of Design and has taught art at both the middle and high school levels.  Susie loves drawing, growing food, the woods, and all ways that math and art co-create!

Junior Staff

Andres Mejia 

Andres is a rising Senior at Bard College and is a native New Yorker from Queens. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, and of course doing math. He was junior staff at CAMP for the Summer of 2015, and is excited to get back!

Kate Blaine

Kate is a junior at Bard College, majoring in math and music. She is from Rochester, NY, and enjoys playing piano, reading mystery novels, and experimenting with Rubik’s Cubes. She is a co-head of the Bard Math Circle, and is very excited to be working at CAMP for the first time!

Marysia Tran


Marysia is a senior at Bard College majoring in Computer Science and Math. She is from Warsaw, Poland. She tutors for Bard Prison Initiative and is the head of the Asian Student Organization. She enjoys traveling, learning about other cultures and dancing. It is going to be her first time working at the Bard Math CAMP.



Maya Schwartz

Maya is a junior at Bard College majoring in math.  She is from Cincinnati, Ohio.  This is her first year working for Bard Math CAMP.  Aside from attending Bard, she enjoys figure skating, horseback riding, and traveling. 


High School Volunteers


Alex Warren

My name is Alex and this is my second year as a CAMP high school volunteer. I live in New York City and am going into my junior year at the Bronx High School of Science. I like all things math and I am really excited for this years CAMP. As a former camper in the program, I think that this year will really be a great one. Some of my hobbies are computer science and robotics. I enjoy learning about math and also doing magic tricks, which is why I think that this next week will be a great one.

Daniel Knop

 Hi, my name is Daniel Knop. I am so excited to be a part of the CAMP staff team! I am a rising senior at Arlington High School in Poughkeepsie, New York. I’ve been involved with the Bard Math Circle through their AMC exams since 8th grade. Aside from math, I like to spend my free time playing soccer, playing tennis, reading, and playing trombone. I can’t wait to start my first year of CAMP!


 Daniel Rose-Levine

Hi, I’m Daniel Rose-Levine. I attended CAMP for 3 years, and this is my first year as a high school volunteer. I have been doing the AMC 8 and AMC 10 exams for a few years. This year I will be starting my sophomore year at Red Hook High School. Some things I like to do include running in cross country and track, as well as playing violin in an orchestra and fiddle group. I also enjoy speedcubing, which is solving Rubik’s Cubes as fast as you can.


Sasha Fraser
Hi, my name is Sasha Fraser. I attended C.A.M.P. for three years, and I am returning this year as a high school volunteer. I’m homeschooled, and I am going into tenth grade. Some of the other things I enjoy are: reading, photography, and dancing ballet. I loved C.A.M.P. and am so excited to be returning as a high school volunteer!




Program Director: Japheth Wood, PhD 

Japheth is a math professor at Bard College who co-directs the Bard Math Circle, which he co-founded in 2007. Japheth envisions math circles as an effective way for mathematicians around the world to make a greater impact on math education at all levels, as well as opportunity to refresh and innovate their own teaching. He teaches undergraduate math courses both in the undergraduate college at Annandale-on-Hudson, and with the Bard Prison Initiative at Eastern Correctional. During the summer, he teaches at the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics program. He has also worked extensively with pre-service math teachers through Bard’s Master of Arts in Teaching program, and was the executive director of the New York Math Circle for several years.

Volunteer Coordinator: Lauren Rose, PhD

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for mathematics with others and believe that mathematics can and should be made accessible to all. With this in mind, I co-founded the Bard Math Circle, an enrichment program for K-12 students, the Mid-Hudson Math Teachers Circle, an enrichment program middle school math teachers, the Mid-Hudson Mathematics Conference for Undergraduates, and the mathematics major in the Bard Prison Initiative. I particularly enjoy integrating Bard students into these programs, which expands their mathematical experience and creates a vibrant and inclusive mathematics community at Bard.