Welcome! Here is our amazing 2023 CAMP staff.

Japheth Wood
Co-Director and Math Instructor

I’m Japheth Wood (he/him), the CAMP co-director, and a math professor at Bard College. CAMP is a very special week of the year for our young math community. It's inspiring to see students return year after year, and I know we're doing the right thing, when CAMP alumni are excited to join us on staff. This is our 10th summer of CAMP (and our 2nd back in-person). This also might promise to be our rainiest CAMP, too!
I'm thrilled that we're back once again on the idyllic Bard College campus in Annandale-on-Hudson, and thankful to the CAMP students, parents, and staff, for making this mathemagical week happen. I'm also honored by the continued recognition from the American Mathematical Society through Epsilon Award, as well as the early support of the Dolciani Math Enrichment Program, administered by the Mathematical Association of America.

Frances Stern
Co-Director and Math Instructor

My name is Frances Stern (she/her/hers)! I’ve been teaching math at CAMP since the first year, sometimes choosing the program’s math theme. It’s fun to show students math that they don’t see in school. I've just retired from teaching math part-time at a private school in New York City. My hobbies include learning to paint & juggle, reading, walking & folk dancing. I’ve written 2 books for teachers and parents called “Adding Math, Subtracting Tension” (for 2 different age ranges of children). They pay as much attention to how to keep out of a fight (what many parents told me is a problem) as they do to math.

Tess Davis
CAMP Coordinator

My name is Tess Davis (she/her/hers) and I am a Bard College undergraduate. I study Written Arts and Human Rights, and am involved in a peer-led student support organization on campus called BRAVE. I am very passionate about contributing to the community and working with younger students. This is my first year working at Bard Math CAMP and I can't wait to experience all this program has to offer alongside the other staff and campers.

Shoshi Cohen
Art Instructor

My name is Shoshi and I currently attend Skidmore College, where I'm majoring in English and Art History. I have been participating in Bard Math activities for quite a few years now, including Bard Math Circle and Bard Math CAMP as a camper myself. This year will be my third year working at Bard Math CAMP, and I am very excited to be back! 

Julianne Louie
Art Instructor
My name is Julianne and this is my second year volunteering at CAMP. I graduated from Kingston High School last year and just finished my first year at Pomona College. At Pomona, I am studying Mathematics and Computer Science while playing collegiate lacrosse. Next year, I plan on being a math mentor and a part of the Freshman-Orientation Team. In middle school, I participated at Bard Math Circle at the Kingston Library where I discovered the endless fun of math. I can’t wait to share the fun with you all at CAMP!
Kateri Doran
CAMP Blogger

I'm looking forward to my second year as the blogger for Bard Math CAMP.  A member of the MIT Girls’ Angle math club since I was 10, one of my math quests was to find the optimal size and design of an intergalactic cat carrier.  I also play the piano and flute.  In one of my favorite “eureka!” moments, I found a way to turn the chromatic scale into a musical space donut.  But my favorite project so far – which I published in the Girls’ Angle Bulletin with my friends – was determining the probability of slippage when throwing bananas at Mathematical Gorilla Knights.  When I’m not dreaming up math stories, I can be found feeding insects to my carnivorous plant, trying to read the inscriptions on my favorite Mayan monuments, and raiding Little Free Libraries.

Shiven Dabhi
CS Instructor

Hi! I’m Shiven Dabhi, a rising junior from Wappingers Falls. This will be my second year being a part of the staff and I’m excited to teach computer science at CAMP this year. Some of my hobbies are playing tennis, playing badminton, playing piano and flute, and mechatronics engineering. I’ve been a part of the Bard Math Circle for the past 5 years, with contests like the Purple Comet and the AMC Exams. I’m currently the build captain for my school’s Science Olympiad, and I like to work on the engineering events throughout the year. Outside of school, I like to spend my free time working on small research projects. Last year, I researched the impact of antenna design on a WiFi signal and I built on that with my next project, which was on developing a radio beamforming system that was optimized for different types of antennas. This summer I’ll be working on a new research project that is on creating mechanized airplane wings that are inspired by birds. I enjoy using math and science to solve problems on a daily basis, and I’m looking forward to using that mindset to teach CS this year.

Arnav Shirodkar
CS Instructor

My name is Arnav Shirodkar (he/him) and I'm a 5th year undergraduate at Bard College, doing a double degree in Computer Science and Music Performance (Percussion). I'm also a tutor for Computer Science on Bard College Campus as well as for students with the Bard Prison Initiative. Some of my hobbies include hiking, playing video games, and trying to make music with code. I'm very excited to be teaching with the Bard Math Circle this summer, and am looking forward to meeting all of our CAMP participants!

Mason Eyler
HS Volunteer

I am a rising senior at New Paltz High School. I’m a camp alumni, and I’ve been involved in Bard Math Circle since I was a young kid. Some of my hobbies include running and hiking. I have experience as a math tutor, and love explaining complex ideas in an understandable way. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Gemma Rothschild
HS Volunteer

My name is Gemma Rothschild and I am a rising high school sophomore in NYC. I attended CAMP for many years and have been involved in Math Circle for as long as I can remember. Some of my hobbies are tennis and playing the drums. I also started a math puzzle magazine for 3rd graders at my school this past year. I am so excited to learn and teach more at CAMP this summer!

Jaan Rothschild
HS Volunteer

Greetings, my name is Jaan (he/him) and I just graduated from Hackley School. Some of my fondest memories were as a camper at Bard Math CAMP. The camp helped me foster my love of math and I hope to help create a similar welcoming experience for all of you. Outside of the classroom my main hobbies include coding, fencing, and cooking. You can often catch me working on a Sudoku. In highschool I tutored students in Math and Science. I also worked as a Teaching Assistant in my 6th grade teacher's Latin classroom where I helped him develop a workbook that will be used in next year's curriculum. I have a fascination with pedagogy and am seriously considering a career in education. Looking forward to meeting all of you!

Max Victor
HS Volunteer

Hi there! I'm Max Victor and I'm currently a Junior at Spackenkill High School. I'm excited to be back at CAMP, where I previously attended as a camper. Math is my favorite subject and I enjoy hobbies like solving Rubik's cubes and playing rhythm games. Recently, I've also developed a passion for tennis and have been working hard to improve my skills. Bard CAMP was an amazing experience for me as it allowed me to explore my love for mathematics. I'm really looking forward to sharing my enthusiasm for these activities with everyone and helping to create a fun and engaging environment. I can't wait for a fantastic week together!