2020 Purple Comet Math Meet

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Purple Comet Math Meet and practice sessions have been moved online.

Join us as we move forward into online math enrichment! We’ll have four practice sessions on the weekends leading up to the Purple Comet Math Meet on Sunday, April 26.


  • Sunday, March 29, 10am–noon
  • Sunday, April 5, 10am–noon
  • Saturday, April 11, 1pm–3pm
  • Sunday, April 19, 10am–noon
Math Meet
  • Sunday, April 26, 10am–noon

The Purple Comet Math Meet is a team mathematics competition designed for middle and high school students. Teams of from one to six students compete by solving a list of mathematics problems. The problems range in difficulty from fairly easy to extremely challenging.

The practices will be used to solve challenging math problems together, and to practice coordinating our efforts as an online team. Registrants will be invited to a Google Classroom environment, and we’ll experiment with various online technologies. Math activities will be guided by Bard math professor Japheth Wood.

Participants are expected to take initiative and to help create a supportive, engaging, challenging and fun math learning environment!